Welcome to Savo Constructions, where craftsmanship meets diversity against the stunning backdrop of the Northern Beaches. Born from Finnish roots, our journey began in the heart of Finland, where precision and innovation are woven into the cultural fabric. Now, after seven years of leaving our mark on the Northern Beaches, we’ve become a unique blend of Finnish tradition and Aussie spirit.

Our crew is a harmonious mix of Finnish tradies and local Aussies, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives. This fusion is the secret sauce that sets us apart, bringing together the renowned Finnish honesty, precision and efficiency with the laid-back Aussie approach, creating a synergy that defines our craftsmanship.

From everyday renovations and standard extensions to multimillion-dollar developments, we’ve made an indelible mark on the landscape. Our expertise expands beyond the ordinary, navigating the challenges of complex flood zone projects and ventures suspended over cliffs. Our portfolio doesn’t stop there; we bring dreams to life with architectural design homes and meticulously restore protected late 1800s-era buildings, seamlessly blending history with modernity.

At Savo, we don’t just build structures; we craft experiences. Our journey from Finland to the Northern Beaches has been a tale of evolution and adaptation. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that this diverse landscape offers, and we’re here to turn your vision into reality.



Quality is our goal;

Excelling is our pursuit and

our moto is simply “time is money”, which explains his military punctuality.








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